The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.  We have guided missiles and misguided men. Like the rich man of old, we have foolishly minimized the internal of our lives and maximized the external. We have absorbed life in livelihood. We will not find peace in our generation until we learn anew that “a man's life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses”, but in those inner treasuries of the spirit which “no thief approaches, neither moth corrupts”.

~ Martin Luther King (“Strength to love”, 1963)

This quote is not for decoration. It reflects our philosophy and our worldview, the foundation of our business.

Today there are already many technological innovations that when integrated and applied, can easily make life filled with abundance and prosperity.

But what is preventing us? Society is lacking an adequate and «humane» system of economic management and social relations. We are surrounded by socially self-destructive feedback loops which keep people distracted and struggling with conflicts, disputes and quarrels. The current system is simply and fundamentally opposed to the idea of ​​prosperity. So much so that it seems the “current system” and “prosperity” are not even compatible. Every day we wake up and go to work for survival, for the sake of existence. Livelihood being the main motivator of our work. All the innermost gems have been pushed aside for such a long time, dissolved in an endless mechanism, simply moving forward for the sake of illusory ideals of excellence, luxury, comfort or safety.

And what's the alternative? The alternative consists of three components, which are examined in detail within the proposed conceptual overview.

A Humane Worldview

Unity of the People

A Public Cooperative Economy

We propose to adopt this alternative as a business, because we believe that in the current world order we should utilize the levers of capitalism as a mechanism which lies in the foundation of all economic processes and binds us like gears with chains. Politics and Charities are excellent and important additions, but today they cannot be considered the basis of a strategy, as they have no such power in society: political mechanics have been paralysed by the viral illusion of democracy and liberalism, while charities have not yet emerged as a lever or tool for sustainable change.

So, we would like to bring to your attention a project which has three fairly ambitious goals for this decade:

1.       Unity and spiritual transformation of people.

2.       Creation and adoption of a new

§  public

§  co-operative

§  socio-economic system.

3.       Demonstration of «abundance technologies» based on a franchise of integrated community centers spread around the world.

The new public economy will be built on the base of the Public Platform, which is an instrument for cooperative economic management, co-invention and business modelling in the conditions of complete transparency and the open exchange of ideas.

A key component of the Public Platform is a new generation information system Web 3.0. A network of integrated community centers will be used for the smooth introduction of a new ideology and methodology in society.

Our business model can be described as «cooperative franchising». The Public Platform creates an environment for cooperative management of franchising processes with high cohesion between them. The network of community centers is both an example of such synergy and part of the grand strategy.

We are moving towards a new actively emerging market of integrated socio-economic environments, focused on public cooperation. Today there exists an absolutely untapped resource for our business. It is the creative potential of people, which in the existing system is not only totally unrealized, but is actually suppressed. Our strategic objective is to draw this potential into a cooperative environment, thus, not allowing it to fall into the hands of illusionists, imposing wars and social confrontation under the guise of «democracy and liberalism».

Anxious investors can immediately learn about the business model and our current status on the page «About business and organization». However, we recommend allocating about 30 minutes of your time to our proposal’s «Conceptual Overview» so as to read everything in proper order, and then selectively view the pages within «Public Platform Overview».

The creation and polishing of this document has taken many months of hard work, and yet, the proposal is still somewhat heavy. That being said, there are two ways of studying the proposal.

The contents of the complete copy of the business proposal can be found on this page. You can also request it there. Reading the entire document takes about two hours. The conceptual overview is followed by more specific topics of business planning; however, the document should be considered as a proposal rather than as a finished plan.


Is our project revolutionary?

Fundamentally, our approach is to avoid major social change through revolution. We feel that the globalized world is much too interconnected and fragile to safely handle any type of major revolution without millions needlessly dying. Our focus is on interweaving a new model so smoothly and seamlessly into the currently prevailing system, that it will not be perceived as opposition, but rather as a higher quality competitive model, which gradually replaces the old one. We advocate the evolutional approach, which we consider to be civilization’s only sure way for development.

Initially, we plan to develop infrastructure in the Western and Slavic countries. But in general, our project is international in scope and is committed to the gradual transformation of the «social landscape» and the formation of a united nation around the world. However, by no means do we plan on imposing new values to achieve our goals. Our method is to create a high-quality example while showcasing our understanding of what it means to be human. People should decide for themselves which way they choose to go and what knowledge they choose to trust.