The main purpose of The Future Now project was to express a vision of the public platform for the growing ecosystem of the so-called "cultural creatives". It was expressed in a form of a business proposal because we hoped it is possible to start an enterprise on this matter. The time has shown that it is too early to start an enterprise on such matters and we are going towards it on the other roads: longer but sustainable.

Our team:

/Andrei, March 17, 2014:/ Here I'd like to share my own opinion.

Most of the cultural creatives (myself being one of them) seriously overestimate their abilities to participate in cultural and societal development, other words to do business of global societal significance. They critically lack for adequate education, especially in area of sociology, including economy, psychology, etc. Also many are liable to such psychical phenomena as egocentrism, obsession,  conceit, and internal dishonesty.

It means there are two very important sides of self-development as a cultural creative:

  1. sociological education (to understand what happens around in society)
  2. psychical or spiritual development (to understand own egocentrism, various obsessions, overcome conceit and become absolutely honest with inner self)

Also I want to draw your attention on the next educational material. It is a work-in-progress translation of a book "Essentials of useful Sociology".

-- Andrei

To request a complete copy of The Future Now business proposal, please contact me by email

The table of contents (sections missing on the website are highlighted in bold):

1   Brief introduction                   1

2   Conceptual overview                  3

2.1.   About platform                        4

2.2.   About business and organization       6

2.3.   About Pioneers branch                 10

2.4.   About Banking branch                  15

3   Public Platform overview             16

3.1.   Web 3.0 IT Platform                   16

3.2.   Online Portal                         17

3.3.   Integrated Community Center           19

4   Market and business overview         23

4.1.   Network effect                        23

4.2.   Market and competition                24

4.3.   Three main challenges                 25

5   Organization and operation overview  27

5.1.   Our team                              27

5.2.   Geographical locations                29

5.3.   Roadmap                               30

6   World situation overview             32

6.1.   Impotency of elites                   32

6.2.   What is Globalization?                34

6.3.   The law of time                       37

6.4.   The concluding analysis               40