Today our society is experiencing a deep systemic crisis. And this is not just a financial crisis. This is a crisis of common sense; a crisis of society itself and its ideology. We are surrounded by an absurd circus. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, schools and universities destroy knowledge, democracy destroys freedom, financial system destroys well-being of the people, and mass media, show business and film industry destroy morality and spirituality.

We believe that the current world socio-economic system has not only expired, but in principle has never functioned to the benefit of the majority of mankind. And although we have no accurate final vision for an alternative system, we propose an integral solution and methodology for the dynamic development of such system. During this decade we want to smoothly change the situation on the planet and lay the foundation for actualizing a transition towards a thriving society. Our solution comprises of two parts:

1.       To create and spread a worldview founded on ideas of humanism and ideals of kindness, justice, generosity, duty and honour. This worldview will be a base connection point for all people, which will unite and direct them into a creative and purposeful life direction. We call such a unity: Public Union. Our subsidiary Pioneers branch is dedicated to its actualization.

2.       To create a new favourable socio-economic model founded on principles of transparency, meritocracy and cooperation. This model will be represented as a Public Platform, which will become a foundation for all informational, social and economic processes. It will organize people and help them to cooperate in building a bright future for all humankind. Our core Platform branch is dedicated to the actualization of the Public Platform.


  1. About platform
    1. The platform as an instrument for cooperation
    2. The platform as an instrument for guiding society
    3. The platform as an economic instrument
    4. How it all might look in reality?
  2. About business and organization
    1. Business model
    2. Current status and needs
    3. Open innovation
    4. Open competition
    5. Principles of humane worldview
  3. About Pioneers branch
    1. Social aspects
    2. Educational aspects
    3. Media aspects
    4. Business aspects
  4. About Banking branch