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About Banking branch

In order to make business and production truly public, we have to create an appropriate financial instrument corresponding to the principles of the Public Platform. The creation of such an instrument is the primary objective of the Banking branch. We firmly believe that the banking system must be closely integrated with the industry, that being said, it must perform as a secondary supportive role, rather than a leading one which places the entire economic activity at its knees.

The Banking branch is focused on building a network of investors and philanthropists, local banks, credit unions and other financial institutions which share the ideology and are aligned with the course of the Public Union. Although this branch is forthcoming and requires more detailed strategic planning and research[1], it plays a key role in the business ecosystem and solves several important problems.

·         Open financial network for direct investment. First of all, we need to create a network of financial institutions like investment banks in order to enable people to invest their money in the public business network. Interest on these deposits will be directly related to the real profits within the network, rather than being a fixed number given by the bank. Moreover, people can have an impact on business development. How it will all be specifically organized has not been decided. However, at a minimum, all investment operations of the business network will be transparent and available for analysis through the online portal.

·         The new financial instrument for local and international trade. Gradually we need to decouple the economy from the dollar dependence. By that, the solution consists not in creation of some new global currency. The system should be changed fundamentally by considering trade relations of local economies with each other, rather than a global monopoly on the production of money as a commodity. The use of earth resources as a backup for a global currency also leads to a monopoly and indirectly limits the technological advancements by use of these resources: every technological leap that potentially redistributes the resource values instantly crushes the entire system. For currency backup we should use natural products, and the business network itself can become such a «natural product» as it is a huge distributed network of various business processes. In general, there are also other interesting ideas that we will soon take a closer look at.

·         Online banking and accounting. All financial processes inside the business network will be simplified due to integration. There will be consolidated accounting and money circulation, so that the management of business processes will be greatly simplified through automation.

[1] For example, we should study in detail the integration of banks and industry in Japan, establish contact with existing societies that advocate alternative financial systems, such as, «Freigeld» (free money) or «Angel Economics», etc.