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About Pioneers branch

The mission of this branch is to implement a new social architecture. In parallel it solves a number of important tasks for the Public Platform: as a creation of business prototypes and development of the brand. All this is discussed in detail in this chapter from different angles. Let’s summarize the objectives of the branch for the current decade:

·         On the basis of the Public Platform, we will organize an open and transparent informational space and involve in it all sorts of societal and professional communities, movements, organizations, institutions, and various famous people.

·         In this informational space, we will spread a humane worldview, ethics of mutual respect and constructive communication, as well as the ideas of the Public Union.

·         We will increase the awareness of people in global politics and economics, current world order and the Conception of Social Security (COB[1]).

·         We will increase natural sociability of people, both online and in real life.

·         We will develop existing ways of pastime and invent new ones.

·         We will develop creativity, fairness and generosity in all people.

·         We will showcase humanities current potential through the integrated community centers, which harmonize urban areas in three components:

-          Societal: Developing harmonious neighbourhood relations at the level of the urban area, as well as in different spheres at the interregional level.

-          Ecology: Adoption of cleaner technologies, local community resilience, greening residential and workplace, «permaculture».

-          Economy: Adoption of «abundance technologies» that allow for plenty of food, as well as creating new jobs.

·         We will facilitate the Unity of people of different cultures and nationalities through joint work, artistry, exchanging ideas and experiences, while preserving and strengthening the identity of each taken culture or nationality.

The Pioneers branch represents the close collaboration with many other community projects, organizations and prominent people. The entire mass of relationships has no strict hierarchical organizational structure and implies the indirect «structure-less[2]» direction of society and the Public Union’s projects. The reason for this is that the structural management of such a huge myriad of people and projects is simply ineffective.

Community and informational space around the brand of the Public Union will start forming immediately with the publication of these materials on the website. In this organically formed informational space, we will maintain the enterprise focus through the «community centers» franchise and gradually develop the online portal. In general, the whole space can be divided into three components:

·         The group of project authors who create the ideology and methodology. We will form this group from the most worthy representatives of the community. This group will carry out the actual ideological and methodological direction. Publicly, the group will be represented by some well-known personalities who have deep interest in Public Union.

·         The network of integrated community centers. This is the infrastructure which expands all over the world implementing the methodology and ideology of the Public Union.

·         «Structurelessly» guided community around the centers, social graph of inhabitants, activists, professionals, celebrities and the projects they are involved.

In this paper we consider the financing of one special project, the first prototype of the Integrated Community Center. Aside from that, the initiatives are still quite flexible and evolving and open to various directions regarding self-financing or the raising of funds from various sources under the aegis of the Public Union: which can come about through donations from public, philanthropic organizations, and various grants.

Social aspects

First of all, the «Integrated Community Centers» are a social network like Facebook, while existing not only in the Internet but also in the real world. This social network represents a new social architecture; in other words, a methodology for the organization of communities and public infrastructures. In the future, this network will cover all areas of all cities in the world.

Four of the most significant tasks, will be solved by the public social network.

Integrated infrastructure. The network of community centers forms an integrated physical infrastructure consisting of various facilities, buildings and parks. Today people spend much of their free time in shopping malls. In the future, they will spend their pastime in integrated community centers.

Each «Integrated Community Center» is unique and represents a customizable framework filled with various functional modules. This customization depends on the situation and needs of the area where the new center is deployed. A functional module is any societal or socio-commercial project, like restaurants, kitchens, greenhouses, board game clubs, research centers, painting studios, aikido circles, shops, etc. A set of functional modules will continuously evolve while a number of basic modules will be developed within the first «Integrated Community Center» prototype.

Social network. As was already mentioned, the social network is the community centers’ direct focus. Each center will cover a separate area of ​​the city and develop harmonious neighbourhood relations and cultivate in the people’s hearts a mutual respect and love for each other. There are no age restrictions as the centers are designed as a nurturing social environment for the entire development process of children, teens and adults[3].

Assembling of function modules for each center will follow the guideline that at least a half of functionality provided represents exciting services for the residents free of charge. Any resident of the district may at any time of day or night come to the center to drink a cup of tea, play a game of chess, read a book or take a walk in the greenhouse. Totally spontaneous people can find themselves in some sporting event or performance associated with any kind of art: music, singing, drawing, sculpture or even cooking.

It is helpful to make an analogy with Facebook. Online games, in which people spend hours of free time each day, will be supplemented with many of today’s interactive board games in each community center: today there are many various board games for adults. Chat rooms and discussion forums will be supplemented by special conference rooms with large screens, connected through the Internet with other centers. In the future, all centers will be equipped with special 3D-scanners and united online in a virtual reality: people can interact both in reality and on computers. This will allow them to be less dependent on geographic locations and while having more flexible schedules. When specific technologies are streamlined, the silhouettes of people can even be projected into the conference room itself, as holograms.

General socialization is an important aspect of social networks. Community coordinators will be present at the centers and assist people to better organize the communication and collaboration, for instance, using the Open-space technology[4].

A major functional module of each community center will revolve around self-development. Visitors for example will have the opportunity to improve their communication skills with a live audience, thus transforming their self-esteem by developing within them the ability to express themselves, and become active members in society’s evolution. In this way society can be molded to work for everyone.

Organization of crowdsourcing[5], crowd funding[6] and public projects. Crowdsourcing and crowd funding play an important role in the ecosystem of the Public Platform. The community centers help to better organize it. Community coordinators of the centers will coordinate the organization and implementation of various projects such as tree planting, communal gardening, various festivals and celebrations, sports and entertainment events.

Anyone can initiate their own projects by registering in the integrated community center. This can be anything from a theatrical group, intellectual club, or sports circle. It could be something permanent or temporary, as a one-time concert or a themed party. It can be integrated and combined with other projects, and so on and so forth. We will endeavor to arrange things so that the projects are maximally accessible to the areas residents. From a business perspective, the emphasis is on making a profit from complementary services to peoples «participation in projects» and «crowd funding». Part of all businesses’ profits go to the community center and are distributed among the authors of the projects. The authors’ compensations will depend on the rating of the project, which will be determined by the visitors.

Showcasing solutions. Another application of the community centers is the demonstration of various emerging technologies and solutions. This activity will be commercial in nature and help to contribute quality content to the online marketplace. People coming to the center can "feel" new products, take part in the tests and give feedback. A special focus will be given to the clinical research of various medical devices and agricultural technologies. More on that can be found in the chapter regarding the first prototype.

Educational aspects

The educational aspect implies the development of various educational materials, as well as the organization of courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and public film screenings.

We do not plan on creating everything from scratch. There are many different formal and informal organizations, which are working independently and we all have same goal: public education. United we can develop much high quality and harmonious material for different ages and stages of development. This includes presentations, scripts for films, articles, books, lectures, etc. The following areas should be considered as significant:

·         Humanity has quietly entered a new era, an era of information. In this regard, the entire methodology for obtaining and organizing knowledge should be radically redesigned.

·         Rise of public awareness in global politics, economics, history, and social security.

·         The spiritual and moral education has an extreme importance for global public security which we will give special attention to.

·         Providing simple and clear information about a healthy and holistic lifestyle, diet, and harmonious physical and energetic development.

·         Training on issues of social entrepreneurship and effective cooperation, as well as specific topics of the Public Platform’s business environment.

All educational programs are important even from a business perspective, as they are designed for staff training and employee development.

A very important note: We are not going to «bring knowledge to the masses» and directly impose any new worldview. Our method is to create a high-quality example and show our understanding of what it means to be a human. People should decide for themselves which way they choose to follow and what knowledge to trust. Our doors will always be open to all.  In this way, people will come to us themselves, and learn for themselves. This is a fundamental principle of education. As for the influence, it will take place indirectly through the media projects.

Media aspects

“Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

~ Andrew Fletcher

Taking into account the devastating impact on peoples morality by popular culture and mass media , we are convinced of the high necessity for quality measures in this area, gradually creating a new alternative approach for global media space.

Our Media program represents integrated media projects that intertwine celebrity marketing with the marketing of our brand, new socio-economic model, and products and solutions available in our online catalogue. The following areas should be considered significant:

·         The implementation of various media projects, such as reality shows, documentaries, feature films and TV series. We can also use the community centers infrastructure for this.

·         Creating multimedia materials about specific solutions, products and their testing in field conditions with real people. The mediums will be published in the online marketplace portal. In fact, this will be one of many scalable business projects.

·         Local Internet TV and Radio. This can be based in some of the larger community centers. This will also be one of many scalable business projects.

·         The brand development of the Public Union and the Public Platform, as well as accumulating trust from the side of civil societies. Trust, from a business perspective, can be regarded as a "resource", which in the interests of communities is "invested" in a variety of commercial projects with their participation.

·         Development «open source»-journalism. The essence of the «open source» here is the ability to lead a public discussion and debate around any material and personalities. This direction depends on the Online Portals readiness, while in scope of the «Pioneers movement» it implies collaboration with bloggers, journalists and editors.

Business aspects

The business aspect involves the development of a variety of business models. Here we distinguish three main subtasks:

·         Creation of a sample business network. The first three years, the massive business network does not yet exist and the business environment will not be yet be open. This is necessary in order to build a sample network: «sandbox» for the Public Platform and the backbone, from which there will follow further decentralized development. At this time, it makes sense to develop such business models that are most effective, easy to integrate with the Online Portal and promising for the Public Platform in general.

·         Development and realization of prototypes for specific business models integratable with the community centers. These business models should support each other, in other words, if possible, they will be complementary. They should also be attractive to the visitors of the community centers and engage them in participation and interaction. Standard businesses like shops or hair salon have a practical sense, but they should not dominate in the cultivated atmosphere of co-participation.

·         Finally, an important role for the initial businesses is to form a "sandbox" for the Public Platform. In order to develop a high-quality and healthy online portal, the development teams need access to real businesses, which are a good example of business processes integration. When necessary, business analysts must be able to influence certain aspects of the business models and receive advice and feedback on various issues. Also, all of the initial businesses will participate in beta-testing the platform, etc.

Our first business project is the creation of the prototype for the franchise of «Integrated Community Centers».

A very important business sector of Public Platform is represented by the Online Services. The business model for it can be built already using some services of Online Portal. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop additional services based on Web 3.0 IT Platform, delegating projects to the teams of enthusiasts, or even to other companies. It will be possible as soon as the first major version of platform specification is ready (approximately in a year during SPROUT phase). See details about «plug-in architecture» on this page.

[1] The Conception of Social Security provides a methodology for the assimilation of knowledge, for the envisioning a cause-effect relationships and distinguishing truth from falsehood. It is based on the Sufficiently Universal Theory of Ruling (DOTU). See «About COB in brief».

[2] This means that instead of specifying what has to be done, we will show examples of how things can be done.

[3] Initially, the focus will be on youth and the adult generation.

[4] Open-space technology (OST) is an approach for hosting meetings, conferences, and community events with a more effective and exciting method for the exchange of information.

[5] Crowd sourcing involves the sourcing of tasks which are traditionally performed by specific individuals to a group of people or community (crowd) through an open call. For example, Wikipedia offers users the opportunity to edit articles, and Procter & Gamble publishes unresolved production problems and offers great rewards for their resolution.

[6] Crowd funding is the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily pool together their money or other resources, usually over the Internet to support the efforts of other people and organizations.