The Public Platform is the actual product of our business. With “platform” we mean the following:

·         Ideological, methodological and architectural framework designed in alignment with the «humane worldview».

·         Technological framework (Web 3.0) represents a new generation information system, which is designed in alignment with our ideology and methodology.

·         Online Portal is an integrated Internet service built using Web 3.0, which is the main interface of the Public Platform.

·         Infrastructure of social and business networks: shared physical infrastructure, as well as social resources, network of communities and businesses.


  1. Web 3.0 IT Platform
  2. Online Portal
  3. Integrated Community Center
  4. Explanatory examples of public projects
    1. Tree felling
    2. Public car design
    3. Public cases against corporations and government officials
    4. Public projects to assist corporations and government officials
    5. Functionality for sending mail