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Integrated Community Center

This project aims to create the first prototype, medium sized «Integrated Community Center» inside of a large city center[1]. It requires a one-time investment of about $2-3MM that will be repaid in 1.5-2 years. However the real value of this project for the Public Platform is much higher and is not comparable to those investments and profit. This prototype is of global importance.

In the near future we would like to see such a center in every district of every city. Today people spend much of their free time in shopping malls. In the future, they will spend their pastime in integrated community centers. This will become a pulsating network of scalable multi-functional centers, which showcases and provides access to 21st century Renaissance lifestyles.

The franchised centers will incorporate multiple revenue streams, therefore becoming financially sustainable while benefiting all stakeholders, community participants and the local economies in general. The first prototype project consists of several modules, each of which can be combined with others using different integration schemes in different community centers. For each module, there is a separate team of talented people who are in love with their work and willing to work for the idea. We combine the efforts of these teams under the roof of a single center.

NOTE: For brevity, we do not give a detailed description of all aspects and modules of the community center. More details will be presented in a separate business plan upon request.

·         Module «Greenhouse» combines a variety of innovations in the cultivation of food.

-          Dome design of the greenhouse (with a diameter of 15+ meters), in which fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms can be grown all year round.

-          Highly automated agro-industrial complex with a vertical multi-storey placement of plants inside the building.

-          The use of advanced techniques in growing food at optimal speeds, crop size and nutrient density for optimal density of nutrients: food literally becomes a medicine.

Benefits for People:

§  Arranges green spaces for community center and represents an exhibition value.

§  Showcases real solutions for growing food of exceptional quality in urban conditions: the products are going into the kitchen straight from the garden.

§  On the basis of a complex, allows organizing circles of people interested in dome structures and high-tech agriculture.

§  Provides fresh organic produce for the module «Kitchen», as well as an excellent topic for the reality show.

·         Module «Kitchen» represents innovation in cooking.

-          Research laboratory to create unique dishes that combine a variety of different highly nutritious ingredients: sprouted seeds, oils, herbal extracts, seaweeds, phytoplankton, etc.

-          Large high-tech kitchen where the chef prepares delicious meals from raw food, so that even lifetime hamburger fans are in love.

Benefits for People:

§  All of the ingredients, as well as light snacks will be available for wholesale and retail sale through vending machines.

§  Food is not just useful, but spiritually and health-transforming.

§  Allows organizing workshops on the basis of the complex while providing a wonderful topic for a reality show.

·         Module «Restaurant» represents an organic extension of the «Kitchen» and combines the innovations in the delivery and culture of food consumption.

-          Comprehensive cataloging of dishes, ingredients and their initial products, classification by health and environmental qualities.

-          Restaurant, catering banquets, parties and other events, delivery of meals, large scale food production for export.

-          A web application for detailed remote dinner planning can be realized on the basis of the «Restaurant» and Web 3.0 IT platform, as well as special application «Menu» for visitors of restaurants, which describes in detail every dish from all sides, including the time of picking the plants in the garden.

Benefits for People:

§  Showcasing a complete and affordable solution for people in urban areas, the food falls onto the table straight from the garden: both in the office and at home.

§  A circle of people can be organized around learning product classifications, etc.

§  Integration with Online Portal: knowledge base, catalog, etc.

·         Module «Media Studio» is represented by a team engaged in the production of documentaries and interactive presentations.

-          Creation of various educational materials necessary for the center.

-          Creation of short clips about products and solutions for the online catalog.

-          Creating a comprehensive video-documentation of the «Community Centers»-franchise.

-          Filming a reality show and the pilot TV channel.

-          In fact, this team creates the face of the Public Union.

-          On the basis of the studio and in the presence of free time, a variety of master classes and clubs for young people can be arranged.

·         Module «Reality Show» is a media project like «Big Brother». Participants are invited to live in apartments adjacent to the community center.

-          But this is not just a reality show. People come to participate in order to change themselves in the spiritual and the physical plane in conditions of an integrated community center: gym, health food restaurant, a hall for meditation and various social programs, games and circles. And of course, they will talk about their unique experience to the audience.

-          Reality show portrays "The Future Now", a new reality, which we can surround ourselves with today. This reality is presented through real stories of real people. Demonstrating the ability of humankind to prosper at the level of the individual, family and community, we demonstrate that thriving is possible on a global level. We prove the feasibility of peace and prosperity throughout the world.

-          The reality show will be funny and exciting while at the same time extremely motivational and educational. It will be focused on a culturally and generationally diverse audience so as to influence the culture of the people and transform their ideals and values. We show people why they should pay attention to their physical and spiritual health, to the environment and love for each other.

·         Module «Center of Field Evaluation» organizes a forum for integrated field evaluation of new technologies.

-          Today there are many young manufacturers of innovative technological products in the field of medicine[2]. Due to lack of resources and reputation, it is difficult to set up their own centers to test solutions with real patients.

-          We organize such research based on franchise of integrated community centers, which are fit very organically into this business model: the mass of visitors, the demonstration of new technologies, media studio, marketing, trust of ordinary people etc.

-          Benefits for People:

§  Clinical research and the dissemination of new technologies.

§  Marketing of innovations under the aegis of the Public Union (cobranding).

§  Implementing guidance and mentoring programs which assist in long term public and corporate use of health & wellness protocols and modalities.

§  Clear tried and tested methods for creating optimal health and wellness.

·         Module «Showcase and Shopping». All innovative equipment used in the center will not only be to try, but also to buy. The premise will be decorated in a way so as to be extremely useful for demonstrating various solutions for individuals and communities to begin creating their optimal lifestyles and environments. For example, roof top garden revolving around permaculture appliances and equipment for kitchen, greenhouses and growing food at home, etc. Periodically many showcasing events will be organized with involvement of the visitors of the center, shooting video and 3D-images for the catalog.

Each of these modules is an obvious "living" example for the development team of the IT platform and will be used for the development of a visual language for business modeling.

It is also worth mentioning a few additional interesting and useful directions:

·         Dome construction factory. The project includes a factory for the production and assembling of any dome structures, as well as educational projects in scope of the community center.

·         One stop greenhouse shop. Supply of seeds and equipment for greenhouse.

·         Typography. In some of the community centers we can organize own printing press to print books, booklets and magazines.

·         Eco-villages. The organization, design and construction of eco-villages. This trend is a logical evolution of the franchise of the integrated community centers.

[1] At this moment in time, we consider Toronto to be that city: Canada's financial center, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, the center of the media industry. Selection is associated with the level of cultural and "marketing" effect, which is provided by the location in Toronto to the Western world. However, the final decision will be made together with the investor.

[2] Initially, the focus is on medical devices, but in the long term, it can be any technology.