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Web 3.0 IT Platform

Web 3.0 IT Platform represents a new generation of informational systems. It aims to cardinally simplify the Information Technologies and provide an integral framework for the development of integrated IT services. There are four key aspects of this platform which have a significant business value.

·         Integrated Modeling Environment provides an integral and extensible meta-modeling engine and global semantic network for coherent organization of all information and knowledge. It also implies a model-driven approach to software engineering as well as a simplified and rapid application development using business-level modelling languages.

·         Open Plug-in Architecture streamlines the open source approach in software engineering and allows a truly mass collaboration in a meritocratic way. The pluggable design of software components catalyzes the bottlenecks of concurrency in development.

·         Public Distributed Cloud Computing represents an approach in server-side architecture, which easily scales on extreme amounts of simultaneously working users and simultaneously run software components. Today it has already became a de-facto standard in server-side software engineering. Our ambition is to become de-facto standard in Cloud Computing and to define the public understanding of Web 3.0.

·         Rapid Development of Web Applications will be possible thanks to the special lightweight GUI platform based on Google Chromium and Adobe Flex. We will avoid the current Web 2.0 trend of using HTML5 for web applications, which extremely complicates the software engineering.

IT Platform delivers four distinguishable products

·         Web 3.0 Cloud Infrastructure is all physical server-side infrastructure and technology. At the early stage, technology might be based on Google App Engine or at least integrated with it.

·         Eclipse for Engineers is a desktop software application based on Eclipse Platform and designed for engineering and maintaining all system-level software like cloud nodes or other clients.

·         Eclipse for Developers is a desktop software application based on Eclipse Platform. It provides an Integrated Modelling Environment for business developers without deep technical skills.

·         Web 3.0 Browser for Users is a web browser based on Google Chromium with extended support of Adobe Flash for highly interactive applications. This product line will continuously evolve in such directions as: mobile and TV, virtual reality and voice communication, etc.

NOTE: We will also evaluate an alternative competitive technology stack by Wolfram Research.